Video Blog

This video blog is a mix of personal messages, calls to action, reflections and sermons that reveal the heart of a pastor. Without doubt a random mix, but hopefully a phrase, impression or prompting may change the direction of your life. The Word of God must change us, before God can use us to change the world.

In this short video, Alistair speaks about his vision for Wellington Presbyterian in 2015. Yet much of what he says is transferrable to any church context. It is about being disciples outside the walls of a church and not restricting our service for God to church based activities.

Are you allowing consumerism to determine which type of church to join? In this sermon Alistair considers some of the good reasons to make a church fellowship your spiritual home. There are many more reasons than the ones given here, but each reason is worth pondering before you make one of the most important decisions of your life.