Trading Punches

Endorsed by Olga Kaye

As Deitrech Bonhoffer put it, “It is a strange glory the Glory of God”Alistair’s story is a true reflection of how the most painful destructive blows can be redeemed. How the punches of this world, meant to destroy the inner fabric of who God created us to be, can be flipped 360 degrees. In the moment of finding Christ he discovered true peace, joy and above all freedom to walk in forgiveness.
He has shown that when we encounter Jesus these gifts are there for us all to experience.

(International Voiceover Artist and Presenter on Spirit Radio, Ireland)

Against the backdrop of James 4, Trading Punches traces Alistair Bates’s dramatic shift from a youth failing at life to finding his fulfilment in God.

Bates shares his journey as he discovers God’s love and power as well as a passion for life. Suffer with him as he spars with the choice between managing his ministry on his own or with God. Read the remarkable account of a community emerging from conflict, and delight in the transforming power of God’s grace.

Having exchanged blows with the flesh, the world, and the devil, by the grace of God Alistair is still standing. You too can learn how to use God’s power to effectively trade punches with the enemies in your life and emerge a winner.

What You’ll Learn

  1. That only God can transform a life
  2. That God can use anyone to do his work
  3. That difficult situations can teach us dependence on God
  4. That we are most definitely a work in progress
  5. That when it comes to ministry we must allow God to empower us
  6. That God will move in ways we do not understand
  7. That we must have a heart for everyone created in God’s image
  8. That we can be salt and light in the community
  9. That we can have the victory
  10. That there is a world out there that God wants us to reach