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Book Cover by Timeless Publications

Halloween is not simply child’s play.

In this provocative exploration of fact versus fiction, Reverend Alistair Bates uncovers Halloween’s historical journey from pagan origins to Christian acceptance. He examines four common responses from churches today, and calls on faith leaders to consider what is at stake when popular holidays are incorporated into Christian belief and practice.

Should the Church be concerned with the myths and meanings behind Halloween celebrations?

What does the Bible say about accepting pagan practices into the Christian calendar?

Can Halloween be redeemed or should families reject the holiday completely?

Halloween, Happy Holiday or Dangerous Deception? is an excellent resource for parents who want to raise Godly children in an ungodly world, and offers reflection questions that are useful for any Church group studying what Scripture says about the seductions of evil. This is a bold — and necessary — look at the true meanings of Halloween and how Christians can choose to counter a culture of darkness with the light of Jesus Christ.

What You’ll Learn

  1. To discover the link between Paganism and Christianity
  2. Identify the various responses to Halloween
  3. Discern the dangers of the Occult
  4. To protect what is important in the Christian Calendar
  5. Evaluate scriptural teaching to the celebration of Halloween
  6. Rejoice in the victory of Jesus over Darkness
  7. Stand with God’s people in defence of truth

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