Alistair loves preaching. Just over a year after his conversation he was delivering his first sermon and a year later arrived at Elim Bible College as a student. At the tender age of nineteen he found himself in the presence of spiritual giants. As a consequence he developed a passion for delivering God’s Word, believing that it had, and still possesses, the power to change lives. He is now wanting to share that story on the printed page. His books reveal a passion for the practical. A realisation that the more heavenly minded we become, the more earthly use we are.

Most of all he wants people to grow spiritually and to fall deeper in love with the Saviour. To avoid the distractions of church politics, worldly obsessions and spiritual consumerism and learn how to take up our cross and follow him. His books are designed to take you that journey. To sharpen our focus on the Saviour and to run with perseverance the race marked out for us.