3 posts from month 04/2017

The Pain of Infertility

I am currently researching the possible marginalisation of couples experiencing infertility within the Presbyterian Church in Ireland. The research is at Glasgow University and I have found it not only intellectually challenging but deeply moving. The pain associated with involuntary childlessness effects many couples and they are often asked to suffer in silence. The insensitivity directed towards those who cannot have children is all to real within ecclesiastical life. It can manifest itself ...

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Say No to Slavery

I have always been uncomfortable with the misuse of power. It is evident from the Scriptures that God hates social injustice. The problem with the perceived evolution of social morality is that we appear to be struggling with inequality, as much now, as we have done throughout human history. We may have improved, in such areas, as gender but even then such advances have often been regional and at times superficial. We still have much to do in all areas of social injustice but alarmingly the ...

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Spiritual Consumerism

I cannot believe it happened and I often caution against it. It was a bright and relaxed Sunday morning and I was feeling a little lazy and all without the slightest tinge of guilt. I had the Sunday off and was not preaching. I meandered to the bathroom got washed, shaved and ready for church, when suddenly we were plunged into the depth of a family crisis. Which church should we attend? As the decision maker it was up to me to cast the deciding vote and herein lies the problem. I found ...

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